A Trend of New Books

English: Sign of the times - Foreclosure

English: Sign of the times – Foreclosure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OMG. I’ve been reading a book titled Up To Your Eyeballs, by Jose Garcia, James Lardner, and Cindy Zeldin.

I thought I knew how the mortgage crisis developed (after all it happened right in front of me, I saw it go down). But, whoa, these guys give all the details about how deregulation was used to open up markets and broker mortgages and how Wall Street was providing the blank check for it all. Great book. Read about credit card practices, too. Shocking.

Another book that is out is titled Screwed, by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann. Haven’t read it yet, but seems like the same topic. How the feds dropping the ball in the name of profit.


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