It’s not Homelessness that is my problem, it is being Kitchenless

Yes, I have to admit it. When the weather is just right and I am not being called to work everyday (and weeks drag on like that) I go homeless to save money on rent. If I could get low-income housing in my area, that would be a big help. But, no one has told me the magic words to say to obtain that sort of favor from the powers that be (I’ve been on the waiting list for nearly 5 years).

Even if not having a bed to sleep on is not a hardship for me, not having a stove to cook on is. There is nothing like a chicken, baked at home. Hmmmm.


About tjmcfee

Freelance writer. Activist on homeless issues. 48 years old. I write about subjects that need to be examined closely and thoughtfully. The idea for Brain Sections came from reading a book about abandoned asylums. I wanted to set a suspense story in that setting. The inclusion of crazed scientists turning homeless people into zombies is what makes the story unique. View all posts by tjmcfee

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